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Advanced Frequency knows that all businesses need compelling marking tools to be successful online and off and we are the company to provide those tools for you through our vast spectrum of services. We specialize in everything from web solutions, graphic design, identity branding, and photography...
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1. Have a list of goals that you would like to accomplish with your website. What would be the main purpose of your website? Do you plan to make...<Click Here for More>

2. Organization of files and content should actually start even before considering a website. It’s a crucial early stage that will help you along in the process...<Click Here for More>

3.Know your target audience. It’s very important to know who you’re selling your products and services too so you can construct your site with them in...<Click Here for More>

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Visions of NYC (visionsofnyc.com) Is a photography website predominately focoused on architectural photos and landscapes of New York. The photographer would like to take you on a journey through NYC not many normally take. We built this site with the latest CSS and responsive technologies; to visit the site and see our work please go to www.visionsofnyc.com